Day 3

Oh god why am i doing this? Day three of a mile a day and my legs are beginning to remind me about their predilection for muscle strain and disjointing. Left knee was having some issues initially and then i had general fatigue for the rest of the walk. Time was 20mins 19 seconds exactly (from my front door to the bottom of my stairs). I think i have a nice route worked out now for my dead on 1mile distance.

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I need to start going on walks more during the day or at least early morning so i can go up to the park. (Because going to a park at 9pm at night is suicidal). I had a 1.5 mile and 2 mile route worked out before but it’s a lot hillier than the one i have been doing which is nigh on flat for this area. Might take the day off tomorrow, or maybe just do a short jaunt to the shops and back.

My goal is really only to walk 5 days a week and then increase my distance/time, so having monday off won’t hurt. Uhh The other thing i noticed which sucked was walking today’s route at 9pm meant i went past every single takeaway in my local area and it made me suuuuper hungry for junk.

Yep, generally it. I want to keep up the mile minimum for a week before i push the distance. I’m also going to try and do a hillier route just to get myself ready for that again. Most of my 9.5mile is flat but it always helps to work out other areas.


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