The actual Challenge

So. 9.5 miles is a pretty specific distance. It is actually the (approximate) distance from my front door to my mum’s front door in the next city over. Google maps says that at the average walking time (around 20mins/mile)  it will take about 3 and a half hours.

I decided that it would be my personal goal to walk from my house to my mum’s house by the end of the year. Even if that means i’m walking down a motorway at 9pm on December 31st.

This is the reason behind this blog. Because damn if i need the motivation and accountability. And i don’t particularly want to be walking down a motorway at 9pm on the last day of the year having not walked more than a mile, or even not walked at all for days/weeks beforehand.

I have a couple of apps that i would be using to help me train but one is actually slightly glitched right now but they’re working on it. Both are made by SixToStart and are worth all the money they ask for.

The one that is having issues is called The Walk. The idea is you walk around with your phone in your bag or pocket and it unlocks sound clips that tells a story that you can listen to later (or set to play as you unlock them).  There are also missions that involve you drawing a route on a map and you have 24hrs to walk the distance you’ve put down to “beat” the mission. Sadly, there are some issues with the tracking on some phones, one of which is mine. I’ve been in contact with the developers a couple of times and they’ve said that the issue is being worked on but they’re having to redesign the whole interface so it’s taking a while. It sucks since it’s a paid app and there’s no way to progress past the mission to get the rest of the content. The story seems really engaging too from the two story missions i played before i encountered the glitch.


The second app, and one i would wholeheartedly recommend, is Zombies, Run! – You can use this app while walking, while on a treadmill, while running etc. There are a bunch of tracking options but i usually go by GPS. You are a survivor of the Zombie apocalypse and you end up in a place called Abel Township as their Runner 5. You go on awesome story missions which play as audio clips between your music. (One advantage over the Walk which is silent) There are currently three seasons of content out (Season three is still going as of this post.) I own all of Season One and all of Season Two, plus the side missions they introduced in Seasons 2.

The side missions don’t follow the main story plot and often involve a singular objective such as acting as a decoy.

There are also distance challenges that occur between S1 and S2 (you get 5k, 10k and 20k for free but have to pay for the second set). I’m planning on listening to the 20k one… or possibly doing the 5k and then 10k since my 9.5mile goal is almost dead on 15k.

There are also “supplies” you pick up as you’re walking/running and for every mission you complete you get a set number of resources. You use these to expand and upgrade your base in-game. You’d be surprised how easy it is to want to try and walk for another five minutes if you’re one supply short of an upgrade.

There are a bunch of other features and content that they are constantly evolving such as supply runs (just gives you supplies) race missions etc. The story combined with the base building aspect is pretty cool and great at giving you motivation to move your butt.

There is also one very special feature i haven’t mentioned and that’s zombie chases. I have them off (because i’m walking) but during the story there are certain points where zombies can either be triggered by the audio clip (the first mission has something like five) or they just trigger randomly as the story progresses. You have to increase your speed by at least 10% (it averages based on your tracking method) or you lose supplies and have the shame of knowing you just got your ass eaten.


So that’s it! I’m going to be working my way through the rest of Season 2 of Zombies Run for my training, hopefully increasing my times and distance over the next couple of months. Wish me luck.


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