Day 2

Because who cares about Day 1?

Actually i just (in the last half an hour) decided to do this blog as a personal accountability thing.

Day 1:

I walked into town to do the big weekly shop. Here’s my route

I did the mile in just over 20mins with a sit down break while i debated if i wanted to do the shop in the closer Iceland. With traffic taken into account, that’s still slower than my “usual” time, despite not having done my walks for a few months.

My fastest mile was approx 16mins, my average is around 18 minutes. (25 minutes plus is where i started over a year ago when i first started using Zombies, Run!)


Day 2:

I waited until late in the day due to laziness but i really wanted to try and get back into a routine.

Again, i stopped in a shop (got some apples and carrots as snack food). My mile mark was around 17mins which is fantastic considering i was in a shop for about 4 of that. There is a significant glitch where i crossed a road and the GPS suddenly teleported me half way up the road and back in less than a second which may have affected my distance a little bit.


Tomorrow is Gaming day so i’m either going to do a shorter walk late in the day (8pm or after) or take the day off. My eventual goal is to build up my stamina and endurance again where going two miles is easy and doesn’t make my entire body feel 80 years old. (fucking joint problems).



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